Eggs for breakfast to lose weight

Uova a colazione per dimagrire
We are always looking for diets to lose weight or tricks to lose weight. It is in the nature of every man to try to always be at the center of himself and to feel good. Today I'm going to talk about eggs and how…

Coconut oil for weight loss

Olio di cocco per dimagrire
Every day I try to find ever different news to make my commitment to looking for new effective diets for weight loss and new tips and tricks for weight loss more interesting and more exhaustive. Today I would like to talk to you about the use of coconut oil…

Low carbohydrate diet

Dieta con pochi carboidrati
I have always talked about what is healthy and what is not, following a thought that leads me to try to live better. I also told you about diets to lose weight and how to be able to lose weight. Today I would like to talk to you about…

Weight Loss Tips: Use Small Plates

Consigli per dimagrire usa piatti piccoli
Have you ever thought about the size of the plates in which we eat? Have you ever imagined that this could make us eat more or less? I know, I've always talked about diets to lose weight but also, and above all, advice for… 130

Fruit and vegetable diet for weight loss

Dieta di frutta e verdura per dimagrire
We have already talked about how to keep going in a controlled regime thanks to weight loss diets or some tricks to lose weight. Today, however, I would like to talk to you about fruit and vegetables and how healthy it is to lose weight by eating these two… == Intermittent fasting: here's how to fast to lose weight

DIY detox diet

Dieta disintossicante fai da te
Every year, after the holidays, tomorrow is the last big moment of the final binge with New Year's Eve, we try to take care of our body, to detoxify it. We have already talked about detoxification with the detox diet and with other purifying diets such as the watermelon one but...

The detox diet and permitted foods

La dieta disintossicante e gli alimenti consentiti
I have already told you about the detox diet, the pros and cons of the detox diet. We also talked about interesting and somewhat strange diets such as the aloe vera purifying one and  about how one can think of working well and… ||192