Bench Abdominals: the right tool to lose weight quickly and reduce your belly he other day, while looking for a new game to download on my daughter's tablet, I saw an app that guaranteed crazy abs in 30 days.

L’altro giorno, mentre cercavo un nuovo gioco da scaricare sul tablet di mia figlia, ho visto un app che garantiva addominali pazzeschi in 30 giorni.

I ignored it 🙂

Indeed, when you are on a diet, any dietician recommends doing somephysical activity, whatever it is.

This is because moving more burns more calories and stimulates the metabolism.

Not only that:lean mass tends to burn more calories in itself thanfat mass; therefore a muscular person consumes more than a fleshy person. In any case of fitness it is often a common dot to doexercises to reduce the waistline, the most classic are theabdominals and the right tool to train them is the bench. If you don't like the gym but want to train at home, it may be interesting to check theabdominal bench prices to create a small private fitness room at home.|| |123

Un attrezzo in casa

Often those who decide to startdoing more physical activity in their day tend to start from the purchase of equipment he will need. It is about laying the foundations for a good daily practice; after all, the thought is also that having spent the money it will be more likely to maintain the commitment to oneself. So the first step to playing sports starts in thesports shop, where you can buy mats,sneakers, gym bag, sportswear various.

Among the most commonfitness equipment stand outexercise bike, elliptical and abdominal bench. Quest’ultimo è un attrezzo molto utile perché con la panca avremo un back support, which will be protected during the movement by the padding of the bench. In addition, padded stops are available on the abs bench which allow us tomaintain the correct position during each exercise. This single tool therefore allows you to do exercises in a safer way and to avoid positioning errors.

Which abdominal exercises

For a series of exercises to be effective, several elements are needed. The first isconstancy: doing aset of 100 abs today and avoiding them in the next 10 days is of no use nothing. The other element isvariability: since the bands ofabdominal muscles are different, it is important to introduce our training of exercises that go tostimulate every muscle: from the upper ones, passing through theabdominal obliques, up to to the so-called low ones. Otherwise some muscle groups will be much more stimulated than others. There are dozens of different exercises that help tone your abs, also called crunches. All can be done on the bench, a tool that also allows us to modulate the intensity of each exercise, so as to make it more and more suitable for our training: over time, our abdominal muscles will develop, making our movements easier. Many sit-up benches can also be used “both ways”. Initially the upper supports are held in the hands; after a few weeks the stops will be used for the legs, or the inclination of the support surface will be changed.


For the abdominal bench to have its effect of making thebelly more toned, decreasing the accumulated fat and increasing the muscles, we will also have to prepare someprograms of training. In addition to providing exercises that stimulate all the abdominal muscle groups, it is also advisable to introduce bothexercises isotonic andexercises isometrics. The first are the traditional ones, which see a movement to be repeated several times in various series. Isometric exercises, on the other hand, are static ones, during which a position of muscle tension is reached and maintained over time.

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