Problems back pain, causes and remedies to stop suffering

Many of us suffer from | ||102problemi alla schiena, it is clear and evident that it is the most common disorder among all those that have to do with our musculoskeletal system.

But what are the causes of back pain? And whichremedies?

Theback pain has a series of incredible variations , and all very painful:

  • =in the morning you wake up and feel blocked, then the pain improves
  • someone is suddenly ill for a week
  • someone has pain after a repeated movement or effort
  • someone has pain staying in the same position for a long time

Equally interesting are the areas where the pain:

  • in the center
  • on the sides
  • in the lumbar area
  • in the buttocks area
  • from back to leg

What are the causes? Obviously there are objective causes, such as hernias or mechanical problems related to the structure of the vertebrae and other causes as well. For example, a lazy intestine can lead to back problems.

Back pain does not necessarily arise from an effort or from a problem with the bones and muscles, please remember this.

Ma, soprattutto, ricordiamoci di quanto dolore possiamo provare nel momento in cui dobbiamo stare seduti, in casa o in ufficio, su quella che è una sedia scomoda.

So how can we improve this aspect?

How do you improve your posture?

Is it possibleimprove your posture with an ergonomic chair?

Why is an ergonomic chair important?

Because it is specifically designed to give the right support to our back while certainly remaining comfortable but giving that sense of support which is too important not to have frequent back problems.

The support that an ergonomic chair gives is completely different from that of a classic office chair. So we are faced with operating chairs which, however, have this type of structure which allows us to save ourselves completely wrong postures or chronic injuries due to an error in the session.

But if we already have back pain and we wanted to take an effective painkiller to go on?

Drugstore remedies for back pain

What is considered a very common ailment is, certainly, one of the most painful ailments among all possible ones.

And we all know it well because, like it or not, each of us has had bad back pain for a few hours or for a while.

But how do you cure back pain?

Beyond what we have confirmed before, i.e. finding the right chair for us or training continuously to strengthen that part of the body, if back pain there is already all we have to do is launch into what are thepharmacological remedies.

All now we can think of a local remedy such as an ointment, which can usually help especially if the cause is muscular.

For those who are really ill, a therapy that includes a series of injections is good. We know that it is easy for an injection to help improve one's pain in an effective and very powerful way. Sometimes, a single syringe can completely change a compromised situation.

My advice, which is the one I always use too and which is good for both traumas and blows of air, is to useAspirin, for years the most used drug in the world for a whole series of more or less chronic diseases.

And how do you do you cure back pain? Do you have chronic problems or do you suffer from time to time? What are your causes and what do you do to make it disappear as fast as possible?


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