How Many protein bars can I eat every day?

Are you greedy?

Ti capita spesso di avere quella voglia di dolce o di buono a cui non sai resistere?

Then you are like most of us.

I imagine that when you you are faced with the dilemma of choosing whether or not to start including a replacement meal in your diet such as protein bars and, above all, how many protein bars can you eat a day.

It's not easy to start changing your standard diet to start trying a diet that also includes a series ofreplacement meals like bars you.

So let's see what they are and how many bars a day we can include in the diet.

Protein bars

Protein bars are convenient. You can throw them in your gym bag or walking bag. They are light, they don't take up much space and can therefore also be taken with you when travelling.

Their appearance, made up of chocolate or fruit and a muesli-like base, always suggests that it is a healthy, better snack than the industrial one from the supermarket.

This thing in most cases is true, in others it is completely wrong. Always pay attention to the indications of the ingredients. We always talk about really quality, natural products. This is what we should always look for in bars.

However, remember that the quantity doesn't have to make you think they are a snack. There are protein bars that contain about 400 calories, so they count as a meal calories and how to count them.

Ma poi, certo, di cosa sto parlando.

Ci sono persone che ancora oggi non sanno neppure cosa siano le calorie e come contarle.

Instead, being aware of what we eat is the first step for the revolution that will lead not only to losing kilos but to well-being.

So as I told you first check which ingredients are in each bar (there are some that have 56 different ingredients!), check the sugar level (which in some is really too high to choose to eat more than one a day and, above all, to use only in case of great expenditure of energy due to physical activity) and also check the type of protein that is most suitable for you.

There are an infinite number of proteins that specifically nourish a different part of our body.

Estimated this and overall the number of calories and you can then decide, as part of a balanced diet, how many bars to eat during the day.

Let's therefore learn to be aware and everything else will then follow by itself.


In this article, I have intentionally not wanted to answer the main question, namely:how many protein bars can I eat each day because each day should be a day in its own right for each of us.

Being aware of the quality of the bars, the type of protein they contain, the number of calories they contain and also the type of day we are facing and then you can think about how many to eat a day.

It is essential to know to be able to manage every day and what we eat, this is the trick for a better life.

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