Recipe for a protein shake with egg white

Who knows protein shakes?

If you don't know them, we talked about themright here.

What I didn't tell you though is that there is little better to start the day with determination thanks to a niceprotein shake with egg white?

A protein shake, especially early in the morning, will ensure that everything wakes up and everything accelerates, it's just a nice blow to the metabolism and to our muscles, which feeds instantly. absolutely not allowing our body to not feel fit enough.

Now let's see together one of those recipes that can certainly change our way of understanding breakfast.

Smoothie recipe protein

First of all, let's go in order.

Are you sporty? Are you going with the new year and after the Christmas binge to start doing some physical activity? I can't help but advise you yes,  to live better, not to have circulation problems, to lower cholesterol levels and improve one's body and mood.

Even just a daily walk of half an hour to immediately see concrete results, both in our body and in our level of stress.

Let's talk about starting the day well with a very interesting breakfast, such as a protein shake with egg white.| ||125

Voi sapete che le proteine saziano e che nutrono i nostri muscoli, il nostro corpo. Ma, soprattutto, una botta di proteine a prima mattina, aziona tutto il meccanismo del metabolismo e quindi permette di dimagrire bruciando grassi.

Let's see what we can eat in the morning with these ingredients:

  • Skimmed milk
  • a banana
  • a jar of Greek or low-fat yoghurt
  • an egg (white only)
  • 100 gr. of low-fat ricotta, almond milk (of your choice)
  •  soy milk (of your choice)
  • a level teaspoon of bitter cocoa
  • various fruit (the one that you want)

First of all get the banana right away because it is a high protein fruit and then it gives that creamy consistency to the smoothie, as well as the egg white, which has no flavor and is very high in protein.

As far as various fruit is concerned, you can enjoy both a kiwi and an apple and some strawberries, the important thing is to modify our breakfast to start with impetus, with another verve.

Conclusions|| |154

Ricetta Frullato proteico con albume

Se vogliamo decidere di modificare in maniera ottimale la nostra esistenza dobbiamo iniziare dalle piccole grandi cose, dalla colazione ad esempio che non a caso è il pasto più importante della giornata. Togliete da mezzo il croissant burroso ed industriale e partite con slancio con un frullato tutto naturale e ricco di energie al 101 per cento.

Because in the end, a body that meets our needs, a healthy body, a body leaner, a toned body is certainly not an impossible dream, above all if we also put into practice the more than just idea of ​​doing some daily physical activity, such as a walk in the open air or a little treadmill just so as not to remain too still, neither with life, nor with the body.

Let's start the new year with a different impetus, come on!

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