Stay pregnant with natural methods

Motherhood is an event in a woman's life that involves as much happiness and fulfillment as responsibility and attention. If pregnancy occurs naturally and spontaneously, it is also synonymous with a peaceful, fulfilling life shared with the partner, both ready to support the period of pregnancy and accept the arrival of the unborn child. Sometimes, the desire for motherhood arises after many years of living together and using contraceptives. Stopping contraception togetting pregnant is a choice to share with your partner together with the desire to start a family or plan a new pregnancy long after the previous one. Regardless of the reasons why you want to get pregnant, there are natural methods to improve fertility, stimulate the production of eggs or improve their "quality".

Some tips for getting pregnant

If you used to use a contraceptive method, you need to stop it in order to be fertile again. This does not happen quickly, especially if you take a contraceptive pill regularly. The natural timing of ovulation must be restored. The menstrual cycle does not change if you adopt contraceptive methods such as male and female condoms, the diaphragm, the hood or natural family planning. But if you use methods such as the contraceptive pill or injections that change the menstrual cycle, you have to wait for recovery times. In the meantime, however, one can begin - or continue - to have sexual relations by concentrating them in the "right period". This means concentrating them around the time of ovulation. The so-calledovulation tests help the couple to identify the days of the cycle in which the woman is most fertile. An average regular cycle is 28 days long, ovulation occurs around the 14th day: a few days before and after are the fertile days in which the probability of becoming pregnant is very high. However, these are average data, many women are irregular with respect to this norm so monitoring through ovulation tests which are currently very reliable remains valid.

Somepositions during the sexual act they can help the seminal fluid to remain in the vagina: usually in the supine position, but there are many legends and false myths about this. Some women claim that lying on their back with legs elevated after the act increases the chances of conception. It's actually not true. The sensation women feel of seminal fluid sleaking out of the vagina after intercourse is simply due to the normal loss of excess fluid: sperm – especially if in good health – they are very fast in moving inside the cervical mucus and heading towards the egg. For conception, one is enough. It is, therefore, equally important to enjoy the sexual act without the stress or obsession of getting pregnant: the more relaxed and pleasure-loving you are of the act itself, the more you prepare your mind and body for a natural conception.

Foods and supplements to get pregnant

Many studies consider the intake of afolic acid effective and essential for women pregnant or wishing to become pregnant. In particular, a dose of 400 micrograms of folic acid per day is recommended to be taken in the three months preceding the attempt to conceive and until the end of the first trimester of pregnancy. Folic acid is also important for the health of the unborn child and for avoiding spina bifida or other birth defects. If you follow a balanced and healthy diet, you tend to already regularly take folic acid andvitamin Dthroughcereals,green vegetables,beans,fruit juices, themilk. It is also important to assist and strengthen the action of foods with thatofsupplements perché è sempre molto difficile assumere la quantità necessaria dei nutrienti solo attraverso l’alimentazione.

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