Discover what is the worst time to eat and how to avoid it

Do you have in mind what isthe worst time to eat?

We usually talk about the night, the late evening, the moment when you most have the compulsion to approach with your feet barefoot, so as not to make any noise, in the refrigerator and then eat everything in front of you!

Has this ever happened to you?

I have and then there are the senses of guilt and that irrepressible desire to do it again.

Let's see together what the causes may be and how to avoid night raids in our kitchens!

The possible causes and solutions

1. Boredom and other character causes

Sometimes, you eat just out of boredom.

To have something to do. Or you can eat out of sadness, boredom, anxiety.

And this causes a mechanism called binge eating which he is terribly compulsive.

Identifying the cause of your problem, even getting help from a therapist, can help you be less greedy.

2. Mood diary

Based on the assumption that eating without feeling hungry can obviously arise from character and mood problems, why don't we try to keep a diary of what we eat and how we are?
Over time, this can help us understand the dynamics and needs that lead us to eat.

3. Meal routine and planning

Creating an eating habit can help make the compulsive urge less invasive. In fact, we are talking about planning meals and habits to make sense of everything we eat during the day, with established times and previously established dishes.

Do not be afraid of being schematic, at this moment in your life you have need of the pattern that arrives until the time we decide to go to sleep.

Habit calms our brain and consequently it should also calm our needs.

4 . Seek emotional support, throw out junk food, and eat regularly

Don't be afraid to ask for help.

Seek help from a friend or specialist if that can help move you from the discomfort that leads to eating junk food or messy meals during the day.

Let's set schedules, let's be serious, we mustn't be afraid to live our contact with food with respect and attention.| ||162

Gettiamo tutto il cibo cattivo che abbiamo in casa, non lasciamocelo davanti agli occhi.

We are not strong enough to have fat-rich ingredients around the house.

5. Eat proteins

Le proteins help a lot.

They help keep our body active, they feed our muscles, they are lean and satiating longer, being ingested slowly.

Chicken, fish, eggs, dairy products, eat at least one protein in the main meal.

=And cook the ingredients in a healthy way, without exceeding the seasoning.

6. Distract yourself

Awareness that eating in a disordered and obsessive way is something that does not start from our body but from our head, we make sure to fill our life with beautiful things, without breaking down and, above all, doing in order to distract us as much as possible.


They are small suggestions, small but very effective for a big problem like that of compulsive eating at night.

Don't let your emotions overwhelm you and don't try to solve problems with food.

Food is shelter, it's home, it's a beautiful and good thing.

To live with immense respect, towards food and ourselves.


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