If you want to lose weight, you have to start eating (avoiding these mistakes) a lot of people who live their entire lives counting calories and foods to eat and not eat.

Ci sono un sacco di persone che vivono una vita intera contando calorie e alimenti da mangiare e non mangiare.

And they certainly don't live happy lives, especially assuming that they always have to analyze food and then always try to staywithin certain calories.

But there are cases in which eating more means losing more weight.

Now you must be saying: this last statement is a hoax, you're kidding me.

Absolutely not.

The problem of not enough food

Se vuoi dimagrire, devi cominciare a mangiare (evitando questi errori): il problema del poco cibo

Let's say that you are a rather active woman who does gymnastics 3 times a week.

Let's say you set your calorie intake at 1300 calories per day.

400 go away in your gym session and 900 are left over to feed your body!

That's too few!

And your body, like you're in the middle of the longest shipwreck ever, goes intostarvation mode|| |126 rallentando in maniera the metabolism and saving calories by sipping them as if we never had much to eat.

The body slows down the things, it slows down fat burning, and actually starts eating its own muscles wasting them, especially if we are dealing with weights and cardio at the gym.

Eat what you need

Se vuoi dimagrire, devi cominciare a mangiare (evitando questi errori): mangia quello che serve

Non avere fretta, non mangiare troppo poco, devi sempre misurare un deficit calorico accettabile entro le 400 calorie in meno al giorno.

If you are an active woman and you needto lose 5 kilograms calorie deficit can also be shorter.

Make sure you are eating enough to support body processes and muscle growth.

Don't expect to abruptly cut off a macro-ingredient such as a carbohydrate.

Our body could suffer from it but, above all, it could regain all the lost kilos in a very short time as soon as it had to be reintegrated.

A flexible diet is a way of entering into a better relationship with food, seek slow and steady weight loss which is one of the long-term goals, without feeling deprived of food.


Just follow a diet that has a whole lot of bit, which is attentive to the real needs of our body and our habits and which is set on apersonalizationobvious of what our desired metabolic cycle is.|| |155

Non c’è bisogno né di diete drastiche né di eliminare ingredienti e cibi fondamentali per dimagrire prima mangiando meno di quanto il nostro corpo richieda.

As said before, it is a bad habit because it slows down the metabolism more.

So, instead of sending our body into a tailspin, it is better to eat as much as the our body needs, without too many devices and without straining it too much, the opposite result would be achieved with a considerable loss of time and nutrients.



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