Seeds linen: where can you buy them? Here….

The first time I heard about linseed, I just couldn't figure out what it was.

So I decided to read up on it to understand exactly what it was talking about.

And I beautiful discoveries.

Have you ever heard offlaxseeds?

Do you know that they are considered almost a miracle?| ||114

E poi where can you buy them?

In this article I will give you some information about flax seeds, flour and on the oil that are produced from the seeds.

List of Best Flax Seeds .

What are flax seeds

Linseeds are considered almost magical by oriental populations.

They are one of the best sources ofomega3, essential fatty acids, very useful our body that must be taken with food.

Usually, eg rò, our diet is richer in omega6 and deficient in omega3.

Especially vegans and vegetarians and those who do not eat fish at least twice a week do not have the right balance in fatty acids and do not have omega3 ( assimilable also in the form ofsupplement).

These substances can however be easily integrated with two or three teaspoons of oil a day or using seed flour of flax.

This substance ensures magnesium and phosphorus, vitamins and proteins.

Moreover, they are very good for the intestine. Flax seeds are considered the real scavengers of the body, they help purify us from waste and toxins and in intestinal peristalsis. They also go a long way in curing cystitis and are fantastic for adding shine to hair.

What is flaxseed flour

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Flaxseed flour is obtained by grinding the seeds. The result is a coarse-grained flour, which contains a lot of protein and calcium, very few carbohydrates, iron, phosphorus, copper, manganese and magnesium.

Flour  is considered a perfect laxative, rich as it is of oil and omega3. There are many studies that claim that regular use of flaxseed flour helps the intestines but also lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood, improves the health of the body and of our stomach. There are also studies that claim it helps fight prostate and breast cancer. This flour can also be used, wet, for compresses in case of sprains or bruises, acne or various rheumatisms.

I told you it's a kind of miracle, right?

Ora guardiamo cosa fa l’olio di semi di lino.

What is flaxseed oil

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Linseed oil has two functions, one food and one cosmetic. This oil is obtained by cold pressing flax seeds and has a characteristic nut-like flavour. Linseed oil is very rich in linolenic acid which is very good for lowering cholesterol. In addition, it has excellent cosmetic results, both as a nourisher for dull or dull hair and as a massage oil.

As a food, a couple of teaspoons are more than sufficient, in a day, to satisfy the need for omega3. It can be used to season a dish of vegetables and white meat and that's it.

In short, it is clear that flax seeds help to live better and like all the things I have told you about that they make a good living we can't help thinking of having it at home and using it regularly.

Where can we buy it? I'll link you to a couple of Amazon offers that aren't bad at all, in fact they're right up our alley. This linseed flourhere costs less than 10 euros and is organically certified. This linseed oilhere is also magnificent, 100 percent natural.


  1. Good evening, I would like to know where to buy flax seeds to sow them, a quantity for about 3 hectares, related crop news and various transformations, thank you in advance, best regards

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