Yes can you lose weight by eating chocolate? Here is the surprising truth

Eat chocolate, lose weight .

If the title of the new weight loss book by neuroscientist Will Clower isn't enough to grab your attention, his promise might make you very happy:Eat Chocolate 20 Minutes before and five minutes after lunch and dinner can curb appetite by 50%.

Um, what?

This news is sure to exclaim "this is too good to be true ”, so let's do a little research to figure out if this thing is the truth.

I have, in fact, found that the sweet stuff can fight sugar spikes.

In uno study at the University of L'Aquila in Italy, people who ate a bar of dark chocolate every day for 15 days decreased their potential for insulin resistance by nearly 50 percent.

Si può perdere peso mangiando cioccolato? Ecco la sorprendente verità

The research internist Sue Decotiis points out that dark chocolate also contains healthy fats, which slow down the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream.

And this healthy fat is what stops the insulin spikes.

Meanwhile, Swiss scientists have found that dark chocolate reduces the metabolic effects of stress, and researchers at the University of Copenhagen have shown that chocolate satisfies the craving for salty foods.

And this leads to the conclusion that the much hated chocolate can instead be a precious ally in feeling well and in losing weight.

Quality companies, those with more than 40 years of experience, in fact use chocolate as an ingredient ofbars andsmoothies.

We are talking about dark chocolate, the one with healthy fats, which does nothing but improve our body, give us energy, block a possible diabetes andaccelerate our metabolism in a flash.

As we have seen in research, chocolate has the great ability to block our hunger and among a bar of pure dark chocolate and a hamburger sandwich, let's be clear, here we are talking about a healthy food, there is no comparison.

Si può perdere peso mangiando cioccolato? Ecco la sorprendente verità

So let's always try to be careful about what we eat, let's be honest ability to be at the center of our lives, to change our lives, we only have one and we must be happy to take care of us.

And if we feel like it, buy the products that make us feel better and that they have been designed especially for us.

There is nothing better than thinking that our life is special.Maybe even losing weight by eating chocolate….

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