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Even today we are dealing with the topic and especially theevaluations on diets for weight loss which the market offers.

In the previous article we talked aboutFitline, while in another we talked about an effective diet for the legs, a part of the body that is always a little forgotten by diets and almost always included only in what is our training program.

So I decided to talk to you ofSnep (, of what it is, of diet, opinions and which s ing these natural wellness products.

Before clarifying what the Snep diet is, I would rather like to introduce you, in a rather specific way, to what Snep is and how one can enter the Snep world, with a certain ease.

What is Snep

Cosa è SNEP

Snep was born from the idea of ​​a group of people who, in the last 20 years, have worked on behalf of foreign companies in the Italian market in network marketing, as true experts.

After abroad, this group of people decided to focus on Italian products and Italian researchers and doctors. The production manager and also "formulator", Dr. Polzella, has gained a great experience in the field of elementary supplements in the previous 15 years.

Precisely for this reason he is the head of this which is a real cultural revolution in order to give an opportunity for concrete economic independence.

This is what is described very well, right from the first moments in which we find ourselves dealing with one of these experts, who had reached prestigious positions in his previous life as an employee, and who becomes, in this specific case, the architect of his own destiny thanks to the sharing of a dream and with the sale, through a network of products which all have an international guarantee and are completely natural products.

Let's take a closer look at which natural products we are talking about.

Natural products

This company, which as we well understood, works in the of Network Marketing has investments part of the initial treasure trove of professionals who first created this network to ensure that these supplements (which are the core business) were among the best for well-being, clearly compliant with EU regulations and Italian law.

Garanzia, efficacia e sicurezza sempre ai massimi livelli.

The internal laboratories, ALIVEDA, which are right under the guidance of Doctor Polzella, the "formulator", extract, in fact, from quite interesting knowledge of herbs herbs and other natural essences, a series of 100 percent guaranteed and very interesting products.

The medical staff works through complex studies to obtain production quality standards that are certainly higher than the market average.

The products, in fact, both meal replacements and food supplements are clearly produced to lend a strong hand during the daily diet.

But this choice of quality is not so much burdensome from the point of view of costs, given that we are talking about exclusively Italian products.

Each product follows its own process, which starts from the taste, which must be pleasant, up to the general quality of the product which is followed from start to finish.

How the Snep diet works

Come funziona la dieta Snep

The Snep diet is certainly not a real diet but clearly a philosophy, a natural lifestyle at the 100 percent.

Obviously it's not that by continuing to eat without control we can lose weight using Snep products but when we already go on a diet with a controlled regimen, we use these products 100 percent Italian , and controlled 100 percent with natural products, does nothing but improve our condition by making us lose weight more.

We could think of the diet like this:low-calorie for 3 months of strict diet and 3 months of maintenance, with integration of Snep products.

The properties of medicinal herbs and other natural products certainly help, not only to lose weight but also to eliminate toxins with a detox product.

Advice the most popular are waking up in the morning with aglass of water and a measure of Aloe and Honey Snep to reawaken the metabolism and cleanse the body. To clean it better, the tea with a mix of herbs and ganoderma is recommended, which is found inSnep The Mix.

Snep can be used to replace the meal Plus, which is the only one supplemented with ganoderma.

Let's see even more specifically.


  • after the Aloe and honey mix you can make a smoothie with Snep Plus, choosing the one you prefer from the various flavors present. You can think of diluting it with water or cow's milk or soy milk


  • Snep The Mix draining tea

Lunch|| |205

  • Libero ma certamente ipocalorico, quindi proteine più che altro con delle verdure grigliate o bollite.


  • Snep The Mix draining tea


  • A smoothie with Snep Plus in the flavor you prefer diluted with water or milk (any milk you prefer)

In the next step we will understand if this diet is considered effective or not on the web.| ||222

Opinioni sulla dieta Snep

Most of the opinions, except for some people who have not found any dietary or complete well-being benefits using these products, are decidedly positive.

People who have found themselves using these products find the quality very high and the sense of satiety they give is very good without causing any sense of nervous hunger, so difficult to contain.

Obviously all of them or recommend trying the Snep diet trying to have low-calorie foods and physical activity at the center of your transformation. As it is also written on the company website, miracles are not sold here but a new philosophy of life.

So yes to Snep's help but also to work on your body and on your diet in a serious way.| ||232

Real complex snep

Real Complex is a food supplement that works on purifying the liver and kidneys. Through the dandelion, which is the medicinal herb of which it is composed, it purifies the liver of all the toxins accumulated both from food and alcohol and from stressful everyday life. Birch also helps diuresis. Artichoke, vitamin C and magnesium also help our skin to retain free radicals so as not to age quickly.

Taking this supplement means purifying yourself by taking on a burst of vitamins and mineral salts that nourish us and give us a great good.

Ganoderma snep

Ganoderma is a mushroom that grows on chestnut trees, mainly. It is well known in the East where it is considered almost miraculous for all that it cures. Above all, it improves intestinal transits also managing, thanks to the active substances, such as tripertenes, to reduce histamine, therefore greatly lowering the possibility of allergic reactions, improving metabolic pathologies and the immune system.

Viene venduto in barattoli, sotto forma di capsule che vanno prese ogni giorno.

Marketing plan

Basically, as in any pyramid structure, compensation is given on every purchase of Snep products which is presented by a person in charge. Each sale 25 percent is given to the distributor who is called a distributor.

After an interesting number of sales you become a supervisor and there the profit becomes 50 percent with other bonuses which then increase to an eighth ascending level in the pyramid chain of earnings and enlargement of the pyramid by bringing other distributors into the company who remain under the aegis of the most senior until they can stand on their own feet.

To get started, just buy an Entry Kit which it also includes a manual to understand how to get started and what to say to those who want to try the products.


It is very interesting to understand how a completely Italian company works with regard to this portion of the welfare companies that are usually foreign.

The choice of the first experts from which this Network Marketing was born is very interesting, just as all the products seem interesting, all guaranteed and controlled. Furthermore, the idea of ​​the corporate pyramid, which is very American in terms of concept, allows those who have decided to pursue this individual career to realize ever bigger dreams.

For those who instead want to use it only as a customer we must certainly remember that it is certainly not only with supplements that we lose weight but with a clear change of lifestyle, with healthier food and constant physical activity.


  1. Good evening everyone SNEP has become the philosophy of my life and that of my whole family
    It has helped all of us lose weight, but not only
    We have more energy
    Cellulite slowly goes
    And all this also leads to psychological well-being in addition to trust
    I highly recommend them

  2. good morning, I would like to know if there is anyone in Vicenza who sells these products and how they could be contacted, thanks, have a nice day

  3. Good morning, I would like to know if SNEP is a slimming product that people with pathologies of: (diabetes, heart disease, leukemia, epilepsy , chronic anemia, those who have digestive problems and constipation ) in short, all questions that people who have problems of this kind have asked me.. thanks!!

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