Size you eat a lot of calories and you won't lose weight

This article tries to explain to you that whatever you decide to do with yourself you must never try to exaggerate, because what you want, what you think might be right, this mania of losing weight too quickly, only makes things worse.

Dimagrire troppo in fretta fa male, not eating is bad for you.

It is bad for your head and body.

Calories and health

Taglia molto le calorie e non perderai peso: calorie e salute

Il modo più efficace per perdere peso è quello di consumare meno calorie che si consumano, creando un deficit calorico.

But if your calorie intake (daily calorie requirement|| |115) scende troppo il corpo andrà in modalità fame e questo significa che resterà fermo il più possibile per non toccare le riserve di grasso.

When the body goes into starvation mode themetabolism slows down, he burns calories as slowly as possible to conserve his energy reserves.

This is why people who cut calories too much fail tolose weight| ||123.

Eating too few calories can be the start of a vicious cycle that causes discomfort when following a weight loss dietdieta dimagrante.

When you cut too many calories you tend to eat less and less because you feel frustrated and this could even lead to weight gain.

You must never throw in the towel, you trust you and how it is possible to get the most out of it without feeling too hungry but with a balanced diet.

The risks of starvation mode are:

  • low heart rate and low blood pressure| ||138
  • anomalie del ritmo cardiaco
  •  potassium deficiency
  • gall stones
  • hair loss
  • brittle nails|| |148
  • amenorrea
  • increased body hair
  • dizziness
  • difficulty concentrating
  • anaemia
  • gonfiore alle articolazioni
  • brittle bones
  • depression

What to do

Taglia molto le calorie e non perderai peso: cosa fare

Remember that calories are not your enemy.

Calories are important for energy and cutting calories only makes the body tired and lethargic.

Instead of opting for a fad diet, start thinking that the best for you to try to permanently decrease 500 calories a day on the calculation of your previous calories and then that the body and personality are yours alone and as such the diet must remain set on you and only on you as in ourspersonalized diet.


Do not be afraid to be at the center of your life with great energy and great concentration. We must not think that we are afraid of changing habits and of being healthier and more loved.

The real revolution, the one you will have to imagine, is made up of small things, healthier food, growing energy, physical exercise, walks and attention to oneself.

Without thinking of being examined.

If one day you feel like eating a sweet, go ahead, it is better to always be able to be forgiving and have the solution to being stuck without knowing what to do anymore.

Real life begins when you want it to.

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