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If you have your travel agency, you must think about the travel agency software features and how it’s beneficial? Technoheaven is a team of best professionals that provide uniqueness in different services like apps and software. East-bigmama is the source of Unique Promising ideas & solutions. To read more about it click here.


It delivers useful services, software and also suggests you the best possible way to grow your business. One of its software is “Technoheaven Travel Software”. Technoheaven provides the best deal with a variety of challenges that comes in the travel industry. This is a very user-friendly, feature-enriched, and flexible platform.




The features of technoheaven travel software are imposing. It configures travel data for hotels, flights, package, tour, car and rental services.


Stability, Uninterrupted enhancement, and speedy using to travel market exchanges make technoheaven one of the preeminent technology provider aiding the success path to each of their clients.


In technoheaven travel software, you can make reservations of flights, hotels, tour booking for customers. It provides real-time inventory and data to customers. It also allows you to book hotels in different locations.


Technoheaven‘s travel software has advanced functionality of API integration of other Flight, Hotel and many more. Every Tour Operator needs best travel agency software with the best features to easily integrate with their system and maximize their booking. The booking system of techno heaven allows the travel agent to create multiple travel services at a time.


How is Technoheaven travel software beneficial for a travel agent?

It helps travel agents to creates and manages full tourist schedule details in one place. This speciality saves a lot of time and complications. Some of the features which are very beneficial for travel agents are—


  • Itinerary Creation
  • Dynamic Packaging
  • Flight Quotation
  • Hotel Quotation
  • Tour Quotation
  • Activity Quotation
  • Manage online booking
  • Multilanguage and Multi-Currency.
  • User-friendly
  • Mobile-friendly Design


Travel Software is mainly designed to help travel agent, tour operator and Destination Management Company to respond effectively to their customers’ requisites.


It’s a great practice to work with technoheaven, a team ample of passion with no restriction, supportive and very attention about the extension of their clients; it’s a total harmony of mind for us to concentrate on business when we have our technology in very safe hand such as techno heaven.



There are many reasons to choose techno heaven travel software for your travel and tourism business. It is an all-inclusive travel management application. It is built on advanced and scalable technology. Technoheaven is very easy to use.


You can easily customize everything as per clients need. It is a very user-friendly CMS that can easily add, amend, or update content and contracts. It has occupied all the characteristics required to run the inbound tourism, make life easy for booking, finance & transactions for FIT, Groups and Journeys.



By the end of the blog, we understand how technoheaven software is relevant to travel agents. We also know that the features of techno heaven, how to use it, how it is beneficial and different from others. Technoheaven company manages all the technical glitches very efficiently and is getting every time with a complete solution for any query.


How can you provide customer support?

We provide customer support through different channels such as Live Chat, Phone, Whatsapp and by mail.

How can I start my business with technoheaven?

If you are interested in our services, you can call or send your queries to mail. Our team will reply immediately.

Is my data be safe and backed up?

Absolutely Yes. Each organization we work with has its separate, secure, private database and is backed up regularly.

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