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The Travel Institute, a global leader in educating and certifying travel agents, was founded in 1964. Their mission is to educate students about the travel industry and to contribute to individual and industry success, The Travel Institute Reviews say. This non-profit organization collaborates with industry leaders to deliver a meaningful course to educate travel professionals.


The Travel Institute has certified over 26,000 graduates, which shows the trust people have in the institution. The institution has continued to provide education to agents through specialist and business management courses. The Travel Institute Reviews tell that it is the benchmark in the travel education industry.


The Travel Institute Reviews on Impressive (TRIPKIT) Program 


The Travel Institute Reviews – If you want to make a career in the travel industry, The Travel Institute is the best organization. Their (TRIPKIT) or Travel Introductory Project is created especially for beginners. One will learn about the five core travel products, plus industry and agency workplace orientation and sales and marketing strategies. They can give an exam and test themselves on the knowledge gained. The first step after that is one can get certified at the institution and expand their enterprise.


The Travel Institute Reviews on the Exclusive Certification Provided



The new curriculum covers all 15 critical areas designed for a candidate to be the best travel agent. They will be taught business ethics, the art of communication, teamwork, and time management. Practical skill includes planning itineraries, selling escorted vacations, selling special interest travel, and recommending travel insurance. They must have a basic understanding of the travel industry to get enrolled.



This certificate prepares a candidate to face the new demands of the travel industry. They teach how to discover and deal with a conflict and the five-step process for responding to someone in a conflict situation. They make them teach you how to negotiate and help you to have better communication skills. They certify you in accounting, bookkeeping, and financial planning as well. Learn how to build a team and manage a project. You need to have five years of experience and have completed the CTA® course or have passed the CTA® Exam to get enrolled.



CTIE program, designed with the in-demand skills needed in today’s leaders. Leaders must focus on their goals and make sure that the company aligns with their corresponding goals. The program focuses on the fundamentals of leadership quality. They make too creative to fit into the workplace for positive results. The program also includes emotional intelligence, strategic leadership, and transforming leadership. You need to have at least five years of experience in the travel industry and Pass the CTIE® Exam to be eligible.


The Travel Institute Reviews– Amazing Memberships Available


Memberships at Travel Institution give you a lot of benefits and access to their extensive content library. There are two membership plans Premium and Basic.


  • Premium- All live training webinars, Free. Access to all archive training webinars. All online destination specialists and niche market courses. 10% discount on all travel institution products. And benefits like Friday Five Blog, Library of White Papers, Professional Educators Program.


  • Basic- All Live Training Webinars, FREE. Access to 5 Archived Training Webinars. Professional Educators Program. Instant Access to the Members Only Lounge. 10% Discount on all Travel Institute Products. And Friday Five Blog.


How do I a travel agent?

The Travel Institute Reviews suggest signing up to the TRIPKIT program to become a travel agent.

Do I need to be a member to be enrolling in the program?

No, membership is not required to sign up for any of the programs.

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