Stunning Toogo Travel Software reviews

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Toogo Travel Software is a cloud-based tour operator platform designed to help travel agents develop new goods, sell them online through websites and handle bookings. Key features include a tour operator, revenue control, operations management, and financial reporting.

Businesses can navigate Toogo on a web browser and create new travel packages by adding information such as itineraries, hotel accommodation, and so on. The tool also lets users handle sales tasks such as quote analysis, prospect monitoring, and so on.

If the trip has been authenticated, travel agents will book the trip by submitting customer information to suppliers. The tool also allows companies to send travel information, coupons, invoices, and other data to consumers and to track payments.

Businesses may also display records on all financial transactions and access the admin console to create lists of their goods, the vendors they deal with, and so on. Also, the solution helps companies to set up and maintain websites to sell their products.

Positive Toogo Travel Software reviews.

Down there, I will show you some of the best Toogo Travel software reviews from professionals, with all its positivity, and features that will change your mind. Let’s get right into it.

  • I can now create itineraries in less than 5 minutes and provide a forum for other people to work inside our business. So, thanks to Toogo Travel Software.


Our previous architecture made it nearly difficult for an agent to collaborate with us. We are now in a position to handle all of our sales projects on-site and have less and less need for mass storage of files.


Toogo Travel Software – The training lasted more than 8 weeks and continuing assistance has been great-I think there are upgrades on the way and there are small improvements here and there so that the program is continuously being worked on and updated.


Special note to the rep. who was nothing short of outstanding in helping us to incorporate this wonderful piece of technology?


  • We’re a DMC in Costa Rica, selling trips to Panama and Nicaragua, too, and I’ve been using Togo Travel Software since 2012 and it’s great! It’s easy to make a flight, it’s a very good quote outcome, and it’s really helpful for financial and logistical jobs.

I’ve seen the evolution of the program over all these years, and team support is working very well. It’s often a long time to get a new feature, but it’s less than just another soft one, and the outcome is always good!

Negative Toogo Travel Software reviews.

Toogo Travel Software – To be honest with you, there aren’t many negative reviews on them! The software seems to be good, but I will show you some of the negative reviews, to decide yourself.

  • There’s a really large learning curve here. There are also a lot of functions that we’re not using.


  • Stuff doesn’t always function right, and since any change has to be made over the Internet, often it can be sluggish to react/change. The initial process of entering all data is very labour-intensive, but this is to be predicted.


  • The greatest problem of setting it up is that it’s impossible to tell what data is being used where and how because there’s a bit of trial and error in getting it to look and behave the way you expect it to.


Is Toogo worth it?

As you can see, most of the reviews on Toogo is great, there are some mistakes with the software, but I think overall, it’s a great software to use, and it’s not a waste of time. And as we always say, you have to try the thing to fully judge it yourself.

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