Transplantation Turkey hair: the clinics to consider

Turkey hair transplant is a increasingly widespread operation: how to find the right clinic to finally have beautiful hair

Turkish hair transplantation is increasingly widespread to solveproblems related to baldness. Da diverso tempo infatti questo paese è diventato una fra le most popular destinations for people who dream of having thick and beautiful hair again.

Transplantation hair Turkey, a winning choice

Turkey is among the best countries to perform a hair transplant. In fact, some of thebest professionals in the world operate in this place. According to some data, thousands of people reach Turkey every year to undergo the operation that will give them a smile again.

A lot of techniques have evolved over time, the teams have trained in the best possible way to donate the maximum result. Why do so many people travel to Turkey for a hair transplant? This is because the medical standards are very high, among the best in the world, while the prices are decidedly affordable and often also includemany other servicessuch as staying in a hotel, transport and much more.

Where to have a hair transplant in Turkey

Where to have a hair transplant in Turkey? The Hair Clinic is a specialized clinic that allows you to achieve the dream of having perfect and beautiful hair. Waiting for people from specialists who will choose the best procedure to solve the specific problem.

The package offered by the clinic includes a stay of 2 nights and 3 days in the prestigious 5-star RADISSONBLUE OTTOMARE Hotel. A hair analysis is carried outun’analisi del capello and an autotransplant operation, followed by a post-operative service and drugs. The offer also allows you to have a shuttle with a driver for transport and an interpreter.

The clinic can count on a group of specialists trained in the best techniques for baldness problems and trichology. Research, innovation and constant updating are the tools used by the hair clinic team torespond to thecustomers' needs. The trichological treatments carried out in Turkey are applied and created respecting the needs of each person, following and applying precise rules.

Among the major advantages of the clinic is that of having made agreements withmanufacturers of prostheses and machinery of the direct type. This allows you to guarantee costs that do not increase the final price.

How it works

In the first phase of the hair transplant,shaving is performed|| |141 dell’area di collo e nuca. I capelli vengono rasati usando un robot sino alla radice. In questa fase vengono controllate pure gambe e torace estraendo le radici per realizzare il trapianto. Infine viene effettuata un’anestesia locale usando un ago speciale che è indolore e impercettibile.

In the second phase, the hair roots are extractedwhich will be used in the attachment regions. The extraction takes place one by one using a robot and a micromotor. To extract the roots, tips are used which are ultra-thin and allow you to do an excellent job.

In the last stage of the operation, hair roots that have been extracted are implanted. The implant allows you to generate a first line of hair. The areas where the hair will then be transplanted are locally anesthetized starting from the frontal line. The necessary dimensions and depths are then calculated with respect to thehair roots. By means of lateral cuts, perforations called channels are finally created in which to implant the roots.

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