All the lies about food considered dangerous

Every time we turn on the TV or open a magazine we happen to hear or read something that has to do with what is good for you and what is bad for you.

For example, you have certainly heard of how red meat has become a carcinogenic element. In reality it is to the extent thatthe percentage of meat assimilated every week is too high.

For this reason today I would like to try to dispel some myths or some taboos on foods that are considered dangerous for one's health. In fact, in most cases it is completely out of control news.

Sometimes it would be enough to use common sense to understand where the truth lies by yourself, but even if this were not enough, continue reading this article .

Also because, let's face it, wisdom is the way to go and these lies are usually more than anything else the fashion of the moment.

It can be difficult to distinguish the truth from the lie so follow me on this path of "food wisdom"!

For sure,a personalized diet, would protect you from any surprises.

Egg yolks are full of cholesterol


Here you can't even eat a egg in peace that part of the usual story about the fact that I will be It's better to eat only the albumen, the white of the egg, much less tasty and throw away the yolk, a food full of cholesterol. Part of this "lie" has its truth in the sense that the egg is an element rich in cholesterol but it's not bad for everyone and above all it's not that the egg white doesn't contain other strong nutrients.

A study by British doctors absolutely denied that egg consumption can be linked to heart problems, strokes or anything else. A study byUniversity of Connecticut had instead found a positive incidence between the consumption of 3 eggs a month and an increase in good cholesterol, HDL.|| |140

Il fatto che la mattina uno sia più pimpante con una colazione all’americana con le uova nasce dal fatto che l’uovo sia uno di quegli alimenti super nutrienti, in grado di darti energia per gran parte della giornata.

Basta, come ho detto prima, non abusarne. Quindi perché dovete rinunciare del tutto alle uova, amici miei?

Fat as an Enemy

Another lie: fat hurts, it always hurts. It is not true. It's also not true because we see that everyone with weight issues who eats low-fat things isn't going to get super athletic anytime soon. If you're obese or have diabetes, that's a big mistake. Because low-fat diets pump out carbs, and carbs raise blood sugar. A Swedish study carried out two years ago with a sample of 16,000 cases came to the conclusion that a diet high in fat and low in carbohydrates is the best way! Low-carb diets can improve good cholesterol and lead to improvements in glucose levels for those already struggling with obesity and diabetes. An American studystudio americano on the effects of a low-carb diet on mood and hunger found that those who followed a low-carb diet lost nearly double of the weight of those on a low-fat diet. The thing I've noticed in myself, I've noticed it after studying all this research a bit, is that I'm always hungry for a short time after the concession of a toast or a sandwich. So the carbohydrate sugar burns too quickly. There is never that sense of satiety that leads to not eating for a while. One American study more than 20 years ago found a serious incidence between diets with more carbohydrates and diseases such as type 2 diabetes. So, as usual, it is not good to go overboard on either side but playing at being wise, as we have already said, and thinking about the quality and quantity of a food we like.

Calculating calories

Another lie that makes me go haywire is that of counting calories everywhere. Even in fast food, calories are indicated so that a precise calculation can make a sandwich like that all seasoned less fat. Counting calories is important, ok, but this doesn't mean that if a product hasfew calories it makes more sense to eat it even if it has zero nutritional qualities.

Facciamo degli esempi che poco hanno a che fare con il cibo ma che sono esplicativi: se io sto qua a casa e gioco con il mio smartphone piuttosto che parlare con il mio amico non è che sia proprio un tempo di qualità. Se invece ci si sforza di parlare, di bere un caffè, di fare una passeggiata insieme allora sì che quello è un tempo considerabile come speso bene. Così le calorie: 30 M&M’s hanno le stesse calorie di 150 grammi di uova sode. Qual è l’alimento di qualità allora? Il vostro pranzo cucinato a casa probabilmente avrà più calorie di un BIG MAC ma il tuo pasto cucinato avrà anche un minor numero di grassi, ormoni e conservanti. Adesso come stai messo? Hai fame? Il punto è sempre la qualità. Alle feste ci ingozziamo di patatine e bibite gassate da far schifo perché abbiamo fame ma quelle sono empty caloriesand we don't think there are a lot of foods that would give us a sense of greater satiety such as potatoes or eggs or meat which are certainly healthier than sweets, ice cream and candies! Going back to the lie about fat, one American study some time ago argued that a smaller amount of fat was less effective than a few carbohydrates and this also because we have to change our metabolism by changing our stupid daily habits. So let's always try to pay attention to the quality of the food we eat, the quantity, no more junk food and alcohol because those calories, our mythical calories, are useless, they don't feed our body at all!

Choosing the light version of a product

As with cigarettes, if you take the light version of a supermarket product, it doesn't hurt less, here's our usual lie! Supermarkets are full, full of these lower calorie products. A fantastic example is butter: butter if consumed in excess hurts but it's not thatmargarine hurts less, quite the contrary! The problem is that many of us think that low calorie and healthy are synonymous, but this is not true at all. A healthy diet is not only low in calories but nourishes you, that's what we said. A study British found that the saturated fats in milk, cheese and meat products have a protective effect while the fats found in margarine harm our bodies. I fell for it too: it was summer and I wanted to lose a few pounds and I found myself looking at the light products in the supermarket. I really like bread, butter and jam and I thought of margarine as an excellent choice for my breakfast. But then the taste wasn't the same, it tasted fake and I went to find out. A lot of doctors write that yes, it is definitely better not to abuse butter but it is equally true that butter will always be better than a synthetic fat such as margarine.

Seed oil for frying

olio di semi

The other big lie is to prefer seed oil for frying or cooking because it has a lower cholesterol content. Moreover, it has not even been understood whether this fact of lowering cholesterol is really a factor in the prevention of heart disease. There are many other factors that serve to improve the conditions of a patient and among these, in oneCanadian study, certainly not the use of vegetable oil because they are rich in fats polyunsaturated, Omega-6 fats.

Omega-6 fats usually cause inflammation in our bodies, it can very easily increase the risk of chronic diseases. A study, published byUS National Library of Medicine, found that most Westerners have a diet devoid of omega-3 fatty acids, with "excessive amounts of omega-6 fatty acids". They linked this imbalance to the prevalence of cardiovascular disease, cancer and autoimmune diseases. A British research britannica has instead counted the many advantages of olive oil which protects the heart in a convincing way and maintains its nutritional values ​​both cooked and raw. The extra virgin olive oil has precise anti-inflammatory, emollient, protective and stimulating actions:

  • on the Pancreas for the production of greater quantities of digestive enzyme;
  • on the Gallbladder which bile in the intestine;
  • on the Mucosa that lines the internal surface of the stomach and intestine;
  • on the Liver for a greater production of bile;
  • on the Gastritis and gastric ulcer because it has an effective protective action;
  • on the body, defending it from skin alterations;
  • on the nervous system because it lubricates the mind.

L’olio d’oliva, in generale, mantiene le promesse, al di là delle campagne promozionali del momento. Ottimo anche per le ustioni, regola l’intestino, ha gli stessi valori nutrizionali del latte materno, addirittura aiuta contro la stitichezza.

In short, in this long journey through various food lies, I have tried to carry on my firsthand experience and I must admit that, over the years, I have come a long way. I no longer stopped to believe anything I read but I really started to inform myself by working on myself and on my way of eating. So first of all good information about food, don't necessarily believe the marketing campaigns of big companies but trust your own common sense and wisdom, as I said before. In the end, it is enough to know what the nutritional values ​​of each ingredient are, vary a lot and live a healthy and sporty life, even without exaggerating. Because the Latins teach that in medio stat virtus.

For example, this recent media fuss about meat has also been shocking. A bit like the discovery of hot water, certainly, because it's not that we don't know that since meat is treated anyway, it's not very good to abuse it. But then which food eaten in excessive quantities does not lead to negative consequences? Do you think that if you ate kilos and kilos of broccoli, always those, your body would be happy?

So let's try to live our life serenely, with good food that helps us stay healthy, cooked light, without exaggerating.

So I want to ask you: what are the culinary fads you have been victims of?

Is there something you have eaten or not eaten for years thinking it good or bad?

Please leave me a comment here, so this community can help each other!


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