I am obese and want to lose weight. Start here!

“I'm obese and I want to lose weight!”

“I'm obese and I need to lose weight!”

These two sentences are the ones we often hear in our family, among our friends, among acquaintances.

The awareness of being fat, of being obese andwanting to lose weight.

And this is the first step in trying to achieve more than acceptable results in changing our lives.

When someone writes to me and asks me what I can do to lose weight, I reply: this is the moment in which you have to take your life by the hand and make the most of all its potential.

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The power of the individual

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There is no person at world that is able to support the opposite, our being human leads us to have in our head and in our body a power and an energy that we don't even realize.

But each individual is different of course, each person has their own personality and no one cansay they can't do it, if they really want to.

Everyone needs the determination to go forward and a personalized diet, like this one, which follows the pros and cons of the person, who is happy to follow it, who does everything to follow it in all its strengths and weaknesses.

Don't wait, don't get lazy, start changing your life today.

What can you do for yourself?

Startvolerlo davvero and to eat better.

You don't really need to swallow your industrial croissant every morning, just know that to eat something healthy you need of a 5-minute preparation, with a little yoghurt, whole grains and fresh fruit.

You can think of eating better and less, this is already a next step and not always taking the car to get those 500 meters home-office or you should take the stairs instead of taking the usual elevator to the third floor.

They are small changes at the beginning, a five minute walk which then becomes ten and then thirty.

It's like that with food too, start swapping your soda for a glass of water or a fruit smoothie, your chips for almonds, your pizza to with a grilled chicken.

And then, magically, you'll start to feel better than ever in your life.

Theobesity|| |233 è una malattia grave, essere sovrappeso porta a una serie di conseguenze pazzesche, dal cuore al diabete.

Try tounderstand what you want e dove vuoi arrivare.

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“I'm obese and I need to lose weight.”

=“I'm obese and I want to lose weight.”

Ecco questo è quello che non voglio più sentire.

You have every chance to change your life right now, don't waste any more time, start now.

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